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2x1 LIZZ BY VELFORM + Deluxe Age Care System (3ml) FREE!

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2x1 LIZZ BY VELFORM + Deluxe Age Care System (3ml) FREE!

Introducing LIZZ & LIZZ Complete Age Care System


Lizz Forehead and Neck Treatment tighten your skin to remove deep lines and wrinkles in the important areas that frame your face. Within seconds it vanish the appearance of age on your forehead and neck areas to create fantastic results that everyone will notice.

The exclusive Lizz Mouth Area Treatment will dramatically reverse the signs of aging on the delicate skin located around your lips and under your nose. It tightens smile lines and diminishes deep creases in just seconds.

Lizz Blemish Remover can help permanently reduce dark age spots and skin discoloration caused by excessive sun exposure as it gently protects your skin from future damage.

- X2 Lizz by Velform (You pay 1 and get an extra unit Free!)
- X1 Deluxe sample size Lizz Complete Age Care system 3ml FREE!

Age Care Set includes:
Lizz Mouth Area Treatment
Lizz Forehead and Neck Treatment
Lizz Blemish Remover