Starlyf Paint Magnet | Anti-gravity paint tray

Starlyf Paint Magnet is the amazing gravity-defying paint tray that holds your paint like metal to a magnet, even upside down.

You can use it anywhere, with no drips, spills or messes. Just pour it, spread it, and you’re ready to paint!

How does it work? The ultra-absorbent tray material is made up of thousands of interwoven microfibers that lock in the paint. 

Paint Magnet holds the paint until it's released onto a brush or roller, not on your floor or your clothes. Easy, fast and effective.


✔️ It's the unique anti-gravity paint tray
✔️ Allows multiple colours to be used at the same time
✔️ Easy to clean and reusable
✔️ No spills
✔️ No drips
✔️ It adapts to your hand thanks to the adjustable strap

The set includes

1 x Paint Magnet
1 x Paint squeegee
1 x Set of 4 brushes
1 x Paint roller 
1 x Instruction manual