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Autoclean Mop - Self cleaning mop



The Starlyf Autoclean Mop is the world’s most amazing self-cleaning, self-drying mop and bucket system. The mop gets floors sparkling clean, with your hands never getting into contact with any dirty water.

Uses dual-chamber technology

The dual-chamber bucket washes your mop on one side and squeezes it dry in another. This incredible self-cleaning technology and the improved microfiber mop is the next generation in home cleaning.

Easy to use, easy to clean

It’s the only mop you'll need to clean all your surfaces like hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, marble and more.. The Starlyf Autoclean Microfiber Mop picks up liquid and other messes in seconds. Now you can dry and polish your floors at the same time! Just think of the time you'll save now you don't have to wait for floors to dry.

Get everything sparkling clean!

The Starlyf Microfiber mop also features a 360-degree swivel action for easy manoeuvrability. It’s low profile design gets under just about any piece of furniture whisking away dirt and grime. Perfect for cleaning baseboards, or use it on windows and mirrors for sparkling results every time! It also works wonders on the bathroom floor, or even the shower to clean away soap scum and mildew.

2-in-1 Bucket System

The self cleaning and drying system washes your mop on one side and squeezes it dry on the other, ensuring that maximum hygiene is kept throughout the home!With traditional mops the mop gets dirtier and dirtier the more you clean, so in the end you are just moving the dirt around the floor! The drying system saves you time and effort by cleaning and drying the microfibre cloth inside the bucket, so you don’t have to wait for the floors to dry! There’s no smelly damp mop next time you need to clean.