Stonewell | Paella & Risotto Pan

Normal paella pans let the natural juices of the food escape so they end up dry and lacking in flavor.

With Stonewell, it’s easier than ever to get the flavor-infused taste of real stone cooking that our ancestors have enjoyed for centuries. What’s the secret?

Stonewell Paella is made up of tiny stone particles bonded together to form a solid stone surface that stores the heat and gradually releases it to the food.

That allow you to cook at lower temperatures to maintain the flavour for that one-of-a-kind traditional taste of stone cooking.

Moreover, this pan is 100% non-stick and scratch-resistant. What more could you ask for?


✔️ 100% Non-stick
✔️ Natural flavor
✔️ Scratch resistant
✔️ Extraordinary hard stone cooking
✔️ Cook the best paella
✔️ For all kinds of hobs
✔️ Size: 26 cm