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Ab Celerate - 6-in-1 fitness machine


Working out from home is difficult specially with all of the gyms closed! Ab Celerate is the perfect full body workout equipment with adjustable resistance to give you amazing results all from the comfort of your own home.


AUS_Ab_Celerate from Best Direct 2 on Vimeo.


Training at home has never been easier!

Ab Celebrate is the new 6 in 1 training system, allowing you to comfortably and safely work all the muscle groups in a few movements for a complete body workout. Suitable for all ages, it is perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape quickly and easily!

The new 6 in 1 system to define the abs

The Ab Celerate is the complete system to give you a full body workout from home, which you can adapt to suit your fitness level and needs. Physical activity is vital for our physical and mental health. Ab Celerate keeps you fit and healthy from your home with minimal effort required. Its variable and adjustable resistance responds to the needs of anyone, no matter your age or fitness level to help you burn calories and tone muscle for the body of your dreams!