Velform Hair Erase | Hair removal spray 2x1


Velform Hair Erase is a revolutionary new hair removal spray that removes unwanted hair fast and easily! Just spray and simply wipe away and you’ve got silky smooth skin that lasts for up to six weeks, pain-free.

Each bottle comes in 200 ml, 2x and 4x more than the average hair removal creams!


✔️ Removes hair and exfoliates skin

✔️ Pain free

✔️ Up to 2 weeks

✔️ No more shaving or waxing

✔️ For men & women

✅ Say goodbye to waxing and shaving

Say goodbye to painful waxing and having to buy razors – it’s perfect for arms, underarms, chest, stomach, your bikini line, legs, and more!

It's enriched with ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Orange Extract to moisturise and nourish your skin.

✅ More than a simple spray

Hair Erase is not like any other smelly, irritating hair removal cream that you’ve used in the past – it’s a clear, natural, vitamin enriched formula that dissolves the whole hair down to the root without any pain. It leaves your skin moisturized, healthier, younger and hair free for up to six weeks.


✅ The easiest way to remove hair

The Hair Erase system is incredible simple to use - spray it on your skin, wipe it away and the hair comes off with you. The spray is clear, mess-free and even nourishes your skin while it works on removing the hair!

✅ Suitable for both men and women

Velform Hair Erase is suitable for both men and women who want to get rid of hair quickly and easily!

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