Vegitrim Gourmet | Vegetable slicer & cutter

Do you love pasta but the carbs and fat cause you to gain weight and add inches to your waistline?

Well, now you can eat up while slimming down with the Vegitrim Gourmet Veggie System, the new, easy way to make healthier pasta using vegetables, like summer squash, fresh zucchini, crispy carrots and more. Now maintaining your figure is easier than ever!

Vegitrim is meticulously designed with ultra-sharp, stainless steel blades. One half contains 13 blades for precise, thin strips (similar to spaghetti). And on the other half have 9 razor-sharp edges that yield slightly thicker (similar to noodles).

Plus, the ergonomic grips and convenient safety holder make it easier than ever to twist out piles of perfect veggie pasta in seconds.


✔️ Dual cutting blades: thick blades + thin blades
✔️ Ergonomic grip
✔️ Dishwasher safe
✔️ Less carbs, less calories


1 x Thick cutting blade
1 x Thin cutting blade
1 x Protecting lid
1 x Healthy eating guide
1 x Recipe booK