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RENUMAX TV OFFER - 2 x Scratch Remover + 1 Polish & 1 Car Vac

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RENUMAX TV OFFER - 2 x Scratch Remover + 1 Polish & 1 Car Vac


Renumax is a revolutionary scratch remover that’ll save your car and your money. It’s the fastest, easiest way to eliminate expensive scratches, scrapes and scuff marks! The secret is a formula that fills any scratch or scrape with millions of micro-particles. Then, dries in minutes to produce a smooth, clean, scratch-free shine that protects your car for years! Renumax requires no buffing, polishing or scrubbing. Just apply it to the scratch and watch it completely disappear in no time!

Every bottle comes with this convenient sponge applicator, which covers larger areas, and forms perfectly to the curve sections of your car so the product is evenly spread over the entire damaged surface causing the scrape to magically fade away. There’s no elbow grease, no achy hands. Just apply Renumax and enjoy the hands-free shine!

Renumax works on any colour and any type of vehicle. Simply apply and let it dry. And it’s just like new again!

Don´t miss this amazing offer and get 2 units for the price of 1! That´s not all! You will also get 1 Smart Polish valued at $10.00 for FREE! But hold on! You will also get a Car Vacuum valued at $50.00 absolutely FREE!