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Cool Topper - Gel mattress topper

  • Sleep cool and more comfortably
  • Supports the entire spine while you sleep
  • 4cm thickness
  • Infused gel technology

Tired of being too hot to sleep this summer? With the Restform Cool Topper you can say goodbye to restless nights with this ultra-comfortable mattress topper that stays cool all night long.


Keeps you cool when you sleep

The topper’s infused gel technology feels cool to the touch, providing you with instant cooling relief on the hottest of nights. 


Wake up feeling refreshed

Its 4cm thickness increases the quality of your sleep thanks to its high quality design,  supporting the spine from head to pelvis, for correct alignment while you sleep. 

Sleeping with proper alignment is essential in stopping you from getting back, neck, shoulder and joint pain when you wake up, and also helps to improve posture. 

Its comfortable design makes it perfect for side, stomach and back sleepers. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ache-free, ready to take on the day! 


Dual layer support

Restform Cool Topper comes with dual layer support to provide you with maximum comfort.

-          Top layer with cool infused gel

-          Bottom layer supportive base foam


Available in 2 sizes

Materials: 55% polyurethane foam pad and 45% polyurethane gel

Sizes available:

  • Queen size: 150 x 180 cm
  • Single size: 80 x 180 cm


1 x Restform Cool Topper (Single size 80 x 180 cm)

1 x Non-Woven Travel Bag

1 x Restform Cool Topper (Queen size 150 x 180 cm)

1 x Non-Woven Travel Bag