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Table Express - Fully Adjustable & Portable Table



  • Comfortably eat, work, study, read or use your laptop anytime and anywhere
  • 3 different angles
  • Choose from 6 different heights
  • Spill-proof design
  • Extremely durable
  • Folds up flat for easy storage


The all new Starlyf Table Express is the ultimate portable table!

Its L-shaped design fits perfectly underneath the sofa, chairs and even your bed, allowing you to sit comfortably whilst having everything close to you.

The table is completely adjustable, so you can place it at 3 different angles for whatever you’re doing! It also lets you choose from 6 different heights, allowing you to choose the perfect position for you.

The Table Express is perfect for using both on the sofa and in bed! You can adjust it easily to suit your needs wherever you are in the house.


6 heights and 3 angles of inclination

The Starlyf Table Express is configurable with three different angles and six different heights. Thanks to its adjustability, it offers tailor-made solutions for all your needs.


Spill-proof design

Its spill-proof edges design means that any mess stays on the tray, without falling onto your sofa or bed, so you can enjoy food like toast without any worry!


Use it anytime anywhere!

The table's light and compact design means you can take it wherever you want around the home, making it ideal for eating, reading, playing games, working, studying, or whatever you want..