Yard Hands | Gardening gloves

The work in the garden can damage our hands. If we do not use gloves, we get our hands dirty and, if we use traditional gloves, they do not protect us enough. 

So, what can we do? Now we have the solution: Yard Hands gloves, essential for your gardening work.

With the practiced Yard Hands gloves and gardening claws, which are incorporated, you can do your work in the garden without any tools. 

Thanks to the claws, you can dig, plant, flatten and rake easily and quickly. 


✔️ 4 Built-in claws to enable you to dig, plant and rake
✔️ No dirty hands & water resistant
✔️ Durable and high quality material

What do you get?

1 x Pair of gloves
1 x Instruction manual