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Starlyf Sealing Tape is super strong and durable, rubberized waterproof tape that can seal, patch, plug, bond and repair, LOCKING out water, moisture, dirt, dust and even air. It’s the quick fix for all kinds of fast and easy repairs around your home. All it takes is one and that leak is done.
Starlyf Sealing Tape is the emergency pipe sealer and lifesaver you need, that can stop that leak in a second! Just peel it and place it. That’s it! No glues, no tools, no experience required.
It has exclusive bond, grip and hold technology that bonds to any surface, grips and never slips creating a waterproof, water tight seal on hard multiple surfaces that are wet or dry, warm or cold, for every reason, in any season. Starlyf sealing tape has the holding power to lift 70 pounds of rocks. Now that’s strength and flexibility.
Super strong rubberized waterproof tape
Works underwater
It can be applied hot or cold, wet or dry
PATCH large holes, cracks gaps and tears!
BOND together almost any objects!
SEAL out water, air and moisture!
REPAIR virtually everything!
Bonds & grips immediately
Excellent for any breakage at: home, camping, boats, pools, pipes, and so on!
Fasten all leaks!

Available in 2 sizes: XLARGE 10cm x 150cm, JUMBO 20cm x 150cm