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A compact fitness machine, with more advanced technology, to give you more fitness power! VibroMax Plus generates multi-dimensional vibrations that work every muscle in your body, it tightens all your muscles; It firms and tones all your body to help you get in shape faster than you ever thought.

VibroMax Plus uses whole body vibration technology and accelerated body resistance programs to contract and relax every muscle in your body to give you an intense, supercharged workout that leaves you looking and feeling great! And the best part is that there’s no exertion, it does all the work for you and it does it all with absolutely zero impact!

As the vibrations pulse through your body, your natural reaction is to brace against the vibrating and tilting motion. This forces your muscles to react by contracting and relaxing up to nearly 34 times per second! It’s this total body contraction and relaxation that rapidly works all your muscles. Just a daily 10 minute workout on the VibroMax Plus will help you to be in shape in the blink of an eye!

The secret to this amazing machine is oscillation. The ultra-fast oscillating plate does more than just vibrate. It also simultaneously tilts side to side at 8 degrees, to produce a whole body movement, that forces each muscle to contract and relax up to 2000 times a minute or nearly 34 times per second!

It has 9 exercise programs and a manual mode, all designed to give you a maximum workout, in just ten minutes!

9 exercise programs and manual mode
Only 10 minutes a day
It works all your body muscles
Get in shape in the comfort of your home
Compact & easy to store
No exertion

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